Our Approach

Companies don’t usually make their internal strategic plans public.

One of the core principles at Pharmacy Mall, however, is transparency. That’s one reason why we’re pleased to publish the strategic plan that has shaped our operations over the last 25 years. There’s another reason, too; we believe the Pharmacy Mall’s overall strategy gives customers (and prospective customers) an excellent feel for how we approach our business and our clients.

  1. Everything we do should benefit the patients we serve. This is the mindset that every staff member, manager, and owner should maintain every single day they come to work.
  2. Every action we take must consider the patient’s health, life, and financial situation. If the action doesn’t contribute positively to the patient’s health outcomes and financial condition, it must be reassessed.
  3. All hiring decisions must consider not only the person’s resume and intellect but also the compassion and empathy they demonstrate and their commitment to honesty and transparency.
  4. We must be ready to deliver medications and supplies virtually immediately. Systems, inventories, and contacts for rare drugs should always be designed for rapid fulfillment.
  5. Patient costs must be kept as low as possible. We must never make a decision based solely on profit margins, and we should be ready to provide alternatives for patients in financial difficulty.
  6. Dealing with the Pharmacy Mall should never be difficult. The customer experience should be positive, simple, and accessible to patients throughout the world.

The Pharmacy Mall was created to be a healthcare partner for patients, and we believe we’ve fulfilled that goal thanks to a caring staff — and a strategic plan that emphasizes our overriding approach: patients first.