Quality Guidelines

It’s not unusual for any pharmacy to pay close attention to the quality and safety of the medications they dispense and the quality of the service they provide.

But even by “normal” standards, the Pharmacy Mall is unique. We have to be.

One reason is that you don’t come face-to-face with a smiling, friendly pharmacist when you fill or refill a prescription with us. When you’re dealing with a superstore on the phone or online, you have to judge performance solely based on the quality of the products and service you receive. We have to adhere to the highest possible standards to earn and keep your business.

The other reason is more “personal.” We’re dedicated to treating all of our clients as if they were members of our family and providing them with the best possible health outcomes. To fulfill that mission, we must ensure that all of our drugs, medications, supplements, and other products are of the highest quality possible and that they’re as safe or safer than the meds you can purchase elsewhere.

That’s why we only source medications and medications from the very best drug manufacturers with impeccable reputations for quality and safety. They test their products repeatedly before shipping, and so do we. And it’s why our licensed pharmacists are not only medication experts; they’re also empathetic and devoted to providing options that meet each patient’s individual needs.

The Pharmacy Mall is proud of our reputation for delivering high-quality, safe medications and the highest quality service available online or in brick-and-mortar pharmacies. Please feel welcome to discuss our principles and standards — and how we can help you — by contacting us at any time, day or night.